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RISWAT® System

The RISWAT® penetration sealing system is the leading choice for watertight, gas-tight penetrations that require no fire protection. This cost-effective system is simple to use with cable and single or multi-pipe penetrations. The system is comprised of just two components - RISWAT® Thermoplastic sleeves and DRIFIL® Sealant.

For cable penetrations, a split sleeve is placed around each cable, empty sleeves fill up any void space, and DRIFIL® Sealant is applied to both sides of the penetration. For pipe penetrations, empty sleeves fill up the space around the pipes, and DRIFIL® Sealant is applied to both sides of the penetration.

Features of RISWAT
® Penetrations include:
  • Approved for all types of cables and pipes
  • Provides high levels of gas and water tightness
  • Labor savings - installs in a fraction of the time compared competitive systems
  • Saves substantial space and weight versus block-type systems
  • No pre-engineering or special sizes required. Makes field installation quick and easy
  • Allows pipes of dissimilar metals (and/or plastic) to pass thru the same penetration
  • No special transit frames required - install into sleeve or directly into concrete hole
  • Easy re-entry for future cable or pipe changes - no need to replace original material
  • No metal parts - eliminates corrosion problems
  • Seals with adhesion versus compression - safe for fiber optic cables.
  • Perfect for utility applications - sealing cables exiting ducts (duct seals).
  • Product stays tight - no need to revisit the seal on periodic basis to tighten cumbersome bolts, as with link-type seals
  • No mineral wool in the system - protects against internal penetration sleeve corrosion
  • Provides vibration absorption and sound dampening
  • Prevents condensation on service pipes
  • Allows longitudinal and radial movement of pipes
  • Watertight up to 3 bar (43.5 psi) for pipe, 1.5 bar (21.8 psi) for cables
  • Complimentary material calculation software available - click here to download
Click here for the RISWAT® Catalog