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RISE® Cable & Pipe Penetration System

RISE® cable and pipe penetrations have been the product of choice for industrial, commercial and institutional clients around the world for almost 20 years. The system is comprised of just two simple components - rubber insert sleeves and FIWA® Sealant, which provide the utmost in fire, water and gas protection. Installation is extremely simple: place the RISE® material around the cables or pipes, fill the remaining space with RISE® Filler Sleeves, then apply FIWA® Sealant to both sides of the penetration - it's that easy!


Features of RISE
® Cable & Pipe Penetrations include:
  • Compact installation - up to 50% more usable space than block style systems.
  • Labor savings - installs in a fraction of the time compared to block style systems.
  • Weight savings - weighs substantially less than comparable size block transit.
  • No special transit frames required - installs into concrete hole or penetration sleeve.
  • No metal parts - no corrosion.
  • Seals with adhesion versus compression - safe for fiber optic cables.
  • Perfect for utility applications - sealing cables exiting ducts (duct seals).
  • No mineral wool in the system - protects against internal transit corrosion.
  • Easy re-entry for future changes - no need to replace material.
  • Provides vibration absorption and sound dampening.
  • EMC protection available.
  • UL Classified firestop.
  • Watertight up to 4-bar (60 psi)
  • Shock & vibration tested
  • Age tested to 50 year service life
  • RISE® Extender Frame - doubles the usable space in any existing block transit - perfect for plant maintenence and upgrades!
  • Complimentary material calculation software available - click here to download.
Click here for the RISE® System Catalog.